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Vertical Sliding Doors

Vertical Sliding Doors are most commonly used where opening height and/or opening width are too great for standard roller shutter doors and where strong winds could effect the operation of the door. The most common use is for vehicle workshop doors on coal and diamond mines where the vehicles are massive.  Sandpalm Doors manufactures vertical sliding doors in single leaf, two leaf and three leaf versions most commonly, but are able to produce multi leaf versions if necessary. Each door is specifically designed and manufactured to fit in its opening, this is not a standard “off the shelf” type of door. Each leaf slides up in its own side channel and has its own set of counterweights to help lift it. The bottom leaf ‘picks up’ the next leaf above it as it travels upwards.  It is most practical to automate this type of door because of the size. Sandpalm Doors manufactures and supplies this type of door to all the major mining companies.


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